Welcome to SomatoSense Lab

Home of microneurography in France since 1980

How do you feel?

We investigate touch on a discriminative and affective level, as well as combining this with temperature, motor control, and with the other senses.

Research methods

We primarily use microneurography to record and stimulate from single peripheral nerve fibres in humans. We combine this with neuroimaging (MRI, EEG, MEG) and behavioural approaches.

SomatoSense team

Group leader Dr. Rochelle Ackerley, Dr. Jean-Marc Aimonetti and Dr. Edith Ribot-Ciscar with the SomatoSense team

The skin…

“As a rind, it is not only the container, but the warder-off, and also the go-between for the organism and its world; tegument, buckler, interagent… many of our most worn and useful perceptions are made up of cutaneous sensations”

Bentley, IM (1900). The Synthetic Experiment. The American Journal of Psychology, 11(3): 405-25.